BPA Free Thermal

There are some brands of thermal papers that are produced with BPA that is Bisphenol A. In recent times, many people in the health sector have worried about the potential health threat posed by this chemical. It is because of the potential side effects associated with this chemical when people are exposed to it that makes some company to start producing thermal paper that does not contain any BPA. If you are using thermal paper in your business for one reason or the other, it is important that you know about this chemical and its effect to human beings. This will help you to make an informed decision whether to continue using thermal papers that contain the chemical or to look for BPA free thermal paper.

BPA is a chemical compound that is produced in large quantity. It is used in coating thermal papers because when it is exposed to heat or high temperature, it will react to produce image and characters on the papers. So, thermal papers are coated with this chemical in order to print images and characters on the paper when the paper is exposed to high temperature. However, despite the usefulness of BPA in thermal printing, it has some terrible side effects.

The chemical is an endocrine disruptor which can permeate into the skin when a person is exposed to it. BPA can quick transfer into the body and cause terrible health conditions such as breast cancer, sterilization, thyroid malfunctions and other health conditions. The most worrying issue about BPA is the speed with which it can transfer into the body. The chemical can transfer into your skin in seconds. So, if you hold any thermal paper produced with the chemical for five seconds, you will get the chemical immediately inside your body. If you come in contact with this chemical very often, you are at a very high risk than a person that rarely has contact with the chemical.

Because of the health risk posed by this chemical and its adverse effects on children many countries are now banning the use of Bisphenol A. For example, it has been banned in Canada, Japan and some states in the United States of America. In the recent time, the US Congress has shown concern over the health risk posed by this chemical and it is considering imposing a federal ban on food products as well as beverage containers that contain the chemical.

Owing to the benefit and importance of thermal printing, it will not be good to discontinue. In order to give thermal paper users an alternative to thermal paper made with Bishpenol A, some producers of thermal papers are making free thermal papers. So, if you are using thermal receipt paper in making receipts, you should look for BPA free thermal papers. You will protect yourself and the life of your clients by opting for BPA free thermal paper. It is available in many online stores. Make sure that you specify that you want BPA free thermal paper in your order.

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