Thermal Paper

Thermal paper rolls have wide variety of applications. It can be used for a lot of printing purposes such as coupons, kiosk, tickets, receipts, tickets, bottle redemption and gaming and wagering. This explains why thermal paper rolls are available in a number of sizes and colors in order to satisfy every need. Besides the difference in weight, length, widths and diameters, thermal paper rolls also differ in their construction and lifespan. Some paper rolls have superior quality and better coating than others. This is why some are more durable than others and come with features which are absent in others. For example, there are thermal paper rolls with top coating that makes them to be stain and water resistant.

The use of thermal paper roll makes for instant printing on command. This is because thermal printing saves you a lot of time. You do not have to wait for the papers to get warmed before the printing is done as it is the case with laser printers. This is why thermal paper rolls are best options for kiosk use. Keeping the consumer waiting for the printing to be done will make them to be unhappy.

Shopping for Thermal Paper Rolls
Before you shop for thermal paper, there are a lot of things that you should know about thermal paper. Knowing them will help you to make the best decision. Below are some of the things that you should know about thermal paper rolls.

  • Basis Weight: Thermal paper rolls are not the same in their basis weight. The basis weight is either given in pounds or in grams. One ream of paper roll when measured in pounds contains 500 sheets of paper. Its dimension is given as 17×22. However, the standard thermal paper basis weights are 56 g/m2 and 72 g/m2
  • Brightness: Measures how white the paper roll is. The contrast between the paper and image is maintained using the brightness
  • Thermal Characteristics: This determines the thermal paper sensitivity which is in direct relation to the product performance
  • Smoothness: Indicates an abrasive coating and the gloss levels of the paper
  • Caliper: Measures the thickness of the paper. The standard measurement for the caliper is 0.0024 inches and 0.003

Types of Thermal Paper Rolls
Just like every other type of paper roll, thermal paper roll is available in different types. They can be categorized in different ways. You can categorize them using their size, the paper construction and the color. Below are some of the types of thermal paper rolls based on their constructions.

  • Conventional Thermal Paper: This has three layers, namely, the substrate, base coating and active coating.
  • Top-coated Thermal Paper Roll: It has the top coating in addition to three coatings of the conventional thermal paper.
  • Synthetic-Base Thermal: It has anti-static coat including the 4 coating of top-coated thermal paper.

Each of these types of paper rolls has different features and durability. They also differ in their resistance capability to environment. The synthetic-base thermal has the longest life span and best environmental resistance.

Measuring Thermal Paper Rolls
The important measurements in the specifications of thermal paper rolls are:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Inside as well as outside diameter of the core

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